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NBA Live Mobile - What to Expect From the New Season  

NBA Live Mobile is getting ready to wrap up its first season. The game is on the way to its first reset. Players are now taking part in the final programs of season one. They are busy improving their teams, finishing sets, and acquiring tickets for the new season. When season two starts, players will be finally able to spend the tickets they've acquired. There are 200 tickets in total. Players who obtain all of them will have a smoother season start but this doesn't mean that the game will lack any challenge or novelty.

Several new features and updates to existing systems are meant to provide players with a fresh NBA Live Mobile experience. The lineup system will undergo some changes. The whole idea behind this update is to give players a more efficient way of organizing their teams. Until now, the only way to improve players was to complete sets if that player card was part of a program that allowed it. Starting with season two, players will have one new method of boosting player cards. A team's OVR depends on the OVR of the cards that are part of it so this new system will also have an effect on teams. The general gameplay went through changes as well. The game will be more fluid and easy to pick up. NBA Live Mobile season two comes with one new feature. A new mechanic called team chemistry is being implemented. Coaches are also introduced in the game.

Season two is approaching but this season is not yet over and there are plenty of things to do. A new program dedicated to the NBA Tip-Off is available. Themed live events are added on daily basis. New packs like Cornucopia and Kings of the Court have amazing rewards. Players are advised to follow the tasks on their objective's list and the activities from the Season Score hub. This is the most efficient way to make the most out of the last days of the season that is about to end.

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